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Winter food to brighten up the season.


Warm your family and wow guests this festive season. It's been  a tough year for our family, with painful and tiring hospital stays, the loss of loved ones and dearly beloved pets. So I promised myself one thing this season... simplify Christmas! I'll be cooking food that allows me to stay in the sitting room with loved ones and see the joy on my children's faces. I really love cooking, but find the festive season can become exhausting to entertain and feed everyone. So this ebook really focuses on simplifying your festive menu to delicious warmers, easy traybakes and pre-prepped freezer fills. My last Winter GRUB included tasty soups and meat dishes, so this one brings the simple joys of canapes, one pan oven bakes and cheap & cheerful treats alive. With a little dusting of sparkle such as post Christmas shopping goodies and homemade gifts to spoil your loved ones. Enjoy!

GRUB: Winter 2022

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