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Vegetables for Roasting


There seems to be a fashion for renaming months, for example, Movember and Veganuary! So, I am renaming February Farming Feb, in honour of our hard-working, wonderful farmers! In February's GRUB edition, you can find tasty ideas for cooking with locally produced ingredients, including mouthwatering meat feasts, unusual pancake toppings, Sunday Dinners with a twist and interesting ways to cook with Children.

As always SUPER delicious, yet SUPER simple. 

Download your copy now, choose a recipe and show some love to your local butcher, greengrocer, bakery or farm shop. 


Farming February

The month we commit to cooking with local produce

Meat Cuts

To accompany this months GRUB and continue the theme of Farming Feb, I have collaborated with 5 incredible rural business' local to me, including Farmers and Farm Shops. 


This special place on my website is designed to be a friendly space we can celebrate rural business together and truly back British farming. 


Keep an eye out for heartfelt, informative interviews and FREE recipes, using produce from local farmers, suppliers and producers.

Clara x

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Moralee Herefords

Day 4 and I am so delighted to team up with the lovely Tom & Di Harrison of

Moralee Herefords. They live on an immaculate farm Nr Stocksfield and take huge pride in their beautiful cattle. Their outstanding Hereford Beef is available in Beef Boxes which are sold once a month. Contact via FB Messenger or go to their website

It's been a real pleasure getting to know both Tom and Di and feel the passion they have for their prize-winning show herd. It's very clear that they live and breathe Moralee Herefords and are so committed to producing incredible quality beef.

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