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Firstly thank you for taking the time to have a look at my website.


I am so excited to be able to share my passion for food with you all. I hope I will inspire you with many tasty healthy recipes, naughty treats and manageable “real life” menus actually make cooking in our hectic lifestyles a doable thing.


With many of us now working from home I am hoping to inspire help with ideas - I will also be creating and including “free-from” recipes to cover all needs.

My family is my husband, two kiddies, aged 11 and 9, five dogs, currently six horses and 8 hens. We live in a gorgeous part of Northumberland and life is hectic! The rest of my family is spread from Devon to Essex and USA to Barcelona.


I spent my early childhood on a beautiful, somewhat magical farm in Sussex. My father created the most “mega” vegetable and fruit garden know to mankind, I was often caught eating muddy carrots and stuffing myself with soft fruit! We were surrounded by Highland Cattle, Jacob Sheep, chickens, ducks, horses, dogs and often had lambs in the kitchen warming up next to the Aga with the Jack Russells. I started to make salad dressings and flavoring oils at this point as we had an incredible herb garden, I’m pretty sure they were inedible as I was only about 6 years old but everyone seemed to be quite kind about them!


In the late 1990s my family moved to yet another beautiful house in Devon where my parents still live. I spent many many happy years growing up and competing my horse Dave and cooking for various families and working for catering companies.

I wasn’t exactly a good grade A student, so after many years of persevering with me my father eventually sent me off to London to learn to cook. At the time I thought it was possibly the worst thing ever but as the courses went on I realised d this was definitely something I could do and I enjoyed a lot, at the age of 18 even managed to get my first excellent grades…took a lifetime to achieve but I have never looked back! From there I have cooked on yachts, in villas, in ski resorts, private houses, restaurants, tea rooms and even on the side of beautiful Northumbrian hills in a hut. I have met amazing people, had wonderfully experiences and I hope my magazine will show you all that anyone can cook and be healthy, with the odd amazing treat thrown in!


I will also be doing a monthly guest feature as I have a host of friends who have hidden culinary talents or a great culinary knowledge I’d like to share with you all.


Happy reading and please get in touch if I can help!


Clara x


Clara is an excellent cook who looked after us for three weeks for eleven years. A joy to spend time with. Nothing was ever too much trouble and always full of ideas.

I can’t think of anyone I more would like to have organise a “foodie” party for me than Clara. Cooking the most delicious food from granola to wedding cakes, shepherd pies to delicious puddings, cakes, canapés and big roasts - weddings, drinks parties, lunch parties and many other culinary activities! All with flare, originality, humour and love.


Clara is the consummate professional; charming and inspirational to deal with on the planning side, happy to suggest things and generally help with the creative side of planning, and then delivers top notch quality food on the day with her handpicked team of lovely waiting staff.  My only complaint is that there are never any left overs!  I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.


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