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On the 6th April, as my 10 year old daughter and I were going about our daily business, we had a horrific accident on the farm where our daughter was crushed. The incredible Great North Air Ambulance were with us in 10 minutes of me ringing as were an incredible road ambulance team.


Without going into too much detail, 3 broken ribs, 2 collapsed lungs and a split liver to start with. She was put in an induced coma on arrival, and then after surgery into Intensive Care, while her incredible body mended itself, with constant care from an immense team of surgeons and nurses at the RVI Newcastle. Along the journey to recovery there were 7 operations, 3 of which were 6 hours long, a twisted bowel and a liver leak amongst many many other issues. I can not explain what it is like to see your child in this vulnerable state. But we as a family owe more than we could ever give to the team at the RVI for saving our daughters life and today she is looking fabulous, running about, laughing, being bossy and riding her pony. Her strength is inspirational.


A Spring to forget...


Thank you for all your support!

So, now Elsie is thriving, we are taking a little time out as a family in Devon and France to celebrate health. The April Edition of Grub was ready to go until the accident happened, so sadly I never got round to sharing it with you all. As a Thank You for your patience, we have doctored this edition a little and it is a free bitesize taster of what I do on a quarterly basis. This will give me time to bring my website back up to date and pull together an epic Autumn GRUB edition to launch in September! Don’t panic subscribers, you will be getting all of your 5 copies so you get your moneys worth, I just didn’t want this one to go to waste. Subscriptions will continue as normal from the Autumn edition in September.


In this free edition, I provide recipes and ideas to keep you inspired through the Summer holidays. Even if you are an exhausted parent or stressed at work and think you’ve no time to cook, you do, trust me. They are nutritious and I try and keep the price down for ingredients. The recipes are not hard (some more detailed) and they are good staple family recipes which I believe we can all make. There's a few in there to keep the kids entertained too! Enjoy - have a wonderful summer!


I will be posting tutorial videos on my website soon teaching the basics such as pastry, simple ice cream, fast treats and much more. I am also being taught by the ever patient Jade to make reels, so I can share a few recipes as I create them on Instagram. Please share with your friends and join the team and as always give me as much feedback/requests as you can.

Don't forget to share your creations with me on social media. You can tag me @claranichollcatering or use my hashtag #cookingwithclara. If you have any questions at all, my email and social inbox is always open. I love to hear from you!

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