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I am so excited its blinking launch day!

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

And I'm delighted to be able to share my passion for food with you all. I hope I will inspire you with many tasty healthy recipes, naughty treats and manageable “real life” menus actually make cooking in our hectic lifestyles a doable thing.

Thank you SO much for visiting my website and blog! I am just so excited the day is here! And I feel so very proud of wonderful Jade who has done my website for me, and generally keeps me right - wow what a girl – when she gets the bit between her teeth she doesn’t stop and she has made me believe that I can do this – thank you so much Jade!

I have done a few jobs, which have been a lot of fun, usually lovely clients, and my waitresses (you know who you are!) have provided many many laughs but I think I mentioned my first job in my Catering Section, well, are you ready? Having cooked my first paid lunch for these smart gentlemen when I was about 18 yrs old, it was time for coffee to be served. I went around the table gently pouring coffee whilst the chatting continued and to my horror the coffee pot lid came off in the hosts lap, followed by a stream of coffee – I tried to grab the lid and mop up the coffee in his lap, I went the colour of a tomato – embarrassed I skulked out of the room and burst into nervous hysterical laughter - such a strange reaction!! I was never asked back but they did give me a good reference which may well have got me where I am today!

For so long my brain has been on fire with ideas re: food, I had no idea where to start. I have cooked here there and everywhere but really want to be more settled and focused on one thing allowing me to be a wife and mummy too. The re-occurring theme was that people were stuck, everyone was frantically busy, working, charging around after kiddies and there was no time think about what to eat. One of my great friends Alice said that if someone could give her inspiration and a shopping list so she didn’t even have to think about ideas it would make her life so much easier – so here we are now!

Now the website is live and “A Bite of Grub” is available I better get my Inspiring hat on and jot down all these ideas flowing out of my brain and see what I can offer you in December! Maybe not what you are all thinking with Christmas looming….Turkey Curry anyone?! …Who knows?

Talking of inspiration I need to feed my lot tonight and have very little food in as I have been concentrating on this. Oddly the horses have plenty of food so as usually they will be fine!!

Off to the shops, via the school, have a lovely rest of Tuesday everyone.

Pop back to my blog as I hope to update it weekly with lots of educational and inspirational content to support you over lockdown and the cold winter!

Clara x


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