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I have butterflies in my tummy with the number of things I need to do! I managed to go to the garden centre yesterday and came away with Hyacinths but no tree as I was being so indecisive. I have made a list of all things work, home and equine that needs doing - I now feel a little less crazy, for the moment anyway.

I don't know about you, but I am always saying to myself "I'll do it tomorrow". This has been me for a few days now so tonight is the night for "sauces" cranberry sauce and bread sauce. It takes so little time to make them I wonder why I didn't do it months ago? There are recipes available on my website and in my December issue of Grub if you need to get on and do some Christmas prep. You will feel good and proud of yourself.

Over the last few weeks, I have done quite a few Zoom Cooking Lessons. Although a few famous chefs jumped on the idea (!!!) It was actually Jade's idea, she is my great friend and website designer, social media teacher and all-around top girl. These lessons are so much fun. I love watching people figure out they can actually cook, the sense of achievement on their faces as they proudly present a full-blown dinner to their family is a great feeling! They also make easy scrumptious cocktails which helps with the cooking (or not!). It is really good to see different faces, we are still in tier three in Northumberland, so having contact with people all over the world is a welcome change of scene. Next week, I have three lessons booked! Therefore I thought it only fair to share some things I am teaching. Easy but seriously tasty canapés and a cocktail that will certainly help free any inhibitions or worries......all of this will be shared in next week's blog and shared on the journey shared on my Instagram!

Happy Christmas prepping and ask if there are any questions that are bothering you. Roll on the school holidays and a happy healthy break! For me, roll on when I can see my family... one day.... sometime soon I hope!!

Clara xx

Here are a few photos of what people have achieved!


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