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Prepare for a Christmas!

I've brought back this lovely festive edition from 2020, as my Autumn GRUB for 2021 focuses more on the group entertaining and chilly family weekend recipes throughout the cold winter months, rather than so much on Chrsitmas Day.  This juicy 2020 edition shared endless secrets to wow your family on Christmas Day and pre prep then pop in the freezer recipes which help you get ahead!

 It's available to download once again for a discounted price of £3.50! 


"Covering everything from weeknight winners & get ahead freezer fills to  festive cocktails, school holiday lunches and post frosty walk warmers. Complete with homemade gift ideas to suprise your loved ones."


*Ebook download link will appear following purchase

Your Festive Season Essential: GRUB Dec 2020

£4.50 Regular Price
£3.50Sale Price
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