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Schools Out - Who fancies a cocktail?

Good evening all!

I hope you are all well and the excitement is mounting in your house now that schools out for Christmas! With all the Covid rules changing, there's no doubt some of you have had to change your plans dramatically, for which I am so sorry - I am genuinely gutted not to even have the opportunity to see my family. However, on we go... we will make it special in our own little way! Fancy a cheer up cocktail? I've added a recipe below for a funky, delicious White Lady Gin! My kiddo's are bouncing, I eventually got my tiny tree up and I have managed to sneak in a few Christmas plants and decorations without Mr scrooge getting too cross, bonus!

It's been a busy 2 weeks... Lovely Frankie Jones Photography came here last Sunday and took some snaps, which I can't wait to see. Luckily I had Jade here too, she kept me on the straight and narrow and the gin was flowing so I could handle having my photograph taken, gosh I hate it.

I have had two great Zoom cooking sessions with Arla Foods Ltd! One was teaching a team from Norway and the others were dotted around the UK - all really fun and they produced some great looking food.

Last week I promised you the recipes... so I've added them below! They are all very simple, they take no time to make and the mini Yorkshire puds can be made in advance then kept in the fridge, or you can freeze them. After such a pants 2020 I think we all need some delicious food and tasty cocktails to get in the swing of things?! Don't forget to share them with me on my social media... I love to see you all enjoying my recipes :)

My December issue of Grub is filled with really delicious, quick recipes to help you survive the holidays (now the kiddies are home and things are becoming hectic). Fridge to Fork in 30 minutes, what could be easier? I have had emails thanking me for my recipes and how easy and delicious they are so go on, give them a go!

How's your Christmas Day prep going? I'd love to pretend I'm Mrs organised... but recent rule changes and feeling a little deflated has knocked my stride. My tatties, cranberry sauce, bread sauce and stuffing is ready, but my Christmas baking is back to the starting line after a naughty, thieving mouse (Child!) crept into the larder and nailed the mince pies and brownies! I best crack on...

Happy Happy (And healthy) Christmas one and all, thank you for supporting me and I can not wait to release "Grub" in January with more foodie ideas.

Clara xx

PS... Baked Brie is so easy there isn't even a recipe - just bake a whole brie for 10 mins at 200c - dip things in to scoop up the yummy goo!


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